CDM’s Toddler Program gives your little one the opportunity to explore, discover, and grow at their own individual pace encouraged by loving care, fun, and developmentally-appropriate learning experiences. Your child is cared for by our professional, trained caregivers (staffed at a generous 1:4 ratio) in a safe and nurturing environment. Your toddler’s day is consistent and filled with lots of outdoor gross motor time, sensory, science, math, social, and language development activities. CDM’s toddlers learn self-help skills and healthy habits as we eat together family-style during meal times. We partner with families to foster the healthy development of your toddler.


  • Toddlers have a consistent flexible daily routine and schedule.
  • Caregivers assess a toddler’s developing skills, then create and provide activities designed to enhance and reinforce those skills.
  • Toddler’s learn and practice self- help skills, such as self-feeding, dressing, clean-up, and toileting.
  • Toddlers participate in a variety of sensory-based learning experiences that take place indoors or outdoors in CDM Kid’s private backyard and community (weather permitting). Explorations of color, shape, smell, size, sound, taste, and texture are all encouraged.
  • We feel that parent communication is key in providing quality care. Each morning we ask that your inform us of any special needs for the day.
  • At pick-up time, you will receive a daily sheet with a complete report of your toddler’s day including eating, nap times, diapering, disposition, and developmental milestones.

We also encourage and offer an open door policy that allows parents and grandparents to come to CDM Kid’s to visit at any time during the day.